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"The Curious Travels of Gusto & Gecko" was born in 2014 with the help of hundreds of generous people through a successful crowdfunding campaign. People embraced the idea of creating a picture book series that:
  • Introduce children to various animals, plants, food and landscapes;
  • Broaden their horizons and inspire curiosity about our world;
  • Foster a better understanding and awareness of different cultures and traditions; and
  • Invest in the next generation by giving back to the community.

In October 2015, we launched "Gusto & Gecko Travel to Kenya" at Dymocks in Sydney and in October 2016, we launched "Gusto & Gecko Travel to New Orleans" at Harvard Graduate School of Education.
With your support, we can grow Gusto and Gecko to deliver more happiness to kids around the world.
Please check out our website for more information: www.gustoandgecko.com